The California Life Care Planning Association offers a host of services to best guide our clients through unthinkable hardship. From determination of Life Care Plan use, all the way to Consultative Examinations, CLCPA offers the answers you need to the questions you have.


Life Care Plan Use

Do you, your loved ones or your clients need our Life Care Planning services? Information to help increase awareness of the growing need for Life Care Planning.


Medical Bill Review

Review of all codes and costs as related to documented injury.


Litigation Support Services

Support services including Life care plan development, cost projection reports and a valuations of Caregiver support.


Cost Projections

Our Cost Projections offer uniquely accurate, anticipated medical and non-medical needs, as well as their associated costs all organized to deliver concise actionable information.


Contact Us

Our Corporate Headquarters are located in Southern California, with branches in New Yok, Florida, Texas, Illinois & Nevada.


Consultative Examinations

Our Medical Profesionals are here to provide the independent Consultative Examinations you need.

Fast Results From Industry Leading Medical Professionals

Our team of medical Professionals are here to provide you with the plans, assessments, support, projections, reviews and exams you need, when you need them. Deadlines are crucial and our client's welfare is our top priority.

Hear From Our Team

Meet just a small fraction of our team of advocates fighting for our client's welfare here at The California Life Care Planning Association.


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"My goal, and the goal of our team is to make sure our Clients can rest easy knowing they will have all the answers they need, to all the tough questions they'll ask"


- Dr. Contreras -MD, CLPC


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